How was it conceptualized?

After my morning meeting at my office, I took a drive to meet with a client in Coimbatore. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was consumed into the scenery. The warmth of the air, bright green foliage with subtle dew drops covering the entire landscape and the sun reflecting and refracting all the rays was just a visual treat. About 10 minutes into the drive, I told the driver to slow down to inhale the fresh wind that was knocking on my car. I always consider myself very lucky to encounter such nature’s bounty as I still live and drive along the rural towns of India. Just as I was enjoying this bout between my vehicle, body and the wind, my eyes got fixated on a tree which was very different from rest of the alpines that was beside it.
Due to the overnight rains, the leaves on the tree was pointing to the sun with their faces freshly washed. The tree was abundant with leaves with each one of them thanking the nature for their overnight bath. Just as this scenery was running in my head, I asked the driver to stop. I scanned the entire tree properly from top to bottom and I could see the entire reflection of the tree on the ground which was covered with water from overnight rains.
It just occurred to me, what if the leaves were replaced with flowers ?, and there the idea was born to create a concept of tree with flowers with the entire decor mirroring itself mimicking the sunlight with appropriate lights. To give it a touch of flowery attire, I chose the pink color which added a colorful ambience for the evening.
The bride and the groom were placed beneath the floral tree highlighting the precious moments of the evening getting blessed on their memorable occasion.

How it all came together

As soon as I reached the office, I reached out to my design team to download my idea. My senior designer, transformed the visual idea into a realistic visual design on the computer which was then discussed with the bride and the groom. They readily agreed and then began the process of collating and putting together the design on the ground.


The theme came with its own challenges. The tree was 24 feet in length and with all the flowers attached to just one side of the object it finally weighed over 2 tonnes. We had to create a entire structure which could hold such weight for the entire evening. So we got our designers, structural engineers and artisans to properly define the parameters.
The flowers that were ordered from outstation started arriving in huge cold boxes. With over 200 personnel which included managers, structural engineers, carpenters, electricians, florists, supervisor to executors taking turns worked day and night for more than 3 days to put together the design.
What was just a thought process, became a reality with absolute perfection and the resounding feedback that we received was worth every effort.
One of the unique concept of this theme is the mirror flooring which reflects the tree. Usually for such creations, mirror is imposed with lights to create the reflection but we had to specially make the mirror to create this unique effect. The flowers, hydrangia were specially imported from Holland as I wanted to give a very flowery visual treat. Also through this back drop we broke the traditional geometrically arranged elements which used to line up the back stage and we gave a very relaxed feel for the entire theme. The family of the bride and the groom were insistent on creating a unique theme for this event. With complete trust on us, the client who are one of the leading industrialist in Tamil Nadu, just came to the event to enjoy our unique creation.
At the end of all this, just the fact that we were able to mimic small aspect of the nature’s bounty successfully was a big achievement in itself.